Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

Zaful celebrates its anniversary with great discounts!

Hey girls!! I wanted to let you know that the online shop Zaful is celebrating its anniversary and you can save a lot of money with their discounts! As you might already know because of earlier posts and pictures of me: I love Zaful and their great discounts but now you can have even more of them. I will let you know about all the discounts and special offers they have for you! They are having the lowest prices during all the year.

The first gift for their customers is free shipping on all Zaful products during the anniversary. Usually you would have to pay for orders that do not reach 30 $ of value, so just with that you already save some money :-) 

On their homepage you can find some discount banners, so I recommend you to use them! During the anniversary you can also win some fineness gifts with tasks you need simple steps for. Free clothes? Yes, pleasee!

You will also find a "What is worth to buy" zone, which helps you choose the right clothes for you with the help of customer reviews. I think this is really important. I am a person, who prefers to read reviews before buying something, so I think this will help a lot, since it is really a pity buying something without having read reviews and later being dissapointed because it does not fit. Some articles do not have reviews yet so maybe you want to be the first one in writing a review? Writing one with pictures can get you nice credits to have more discounts.

In the bundle sale zone you can buy double but pay less! Every girls dream, isn't it?!

Last but not least you will find the fixed price zone with the cheapest prices just for you.

Click on this banner and it will redirect you to the trendiest floral dresses this year. I personally love cute floral dresses. I think they are a must-have this summer. They bring up a  good mood, plus they are colorful. 

Also, If you buy any two pieces of clothes you will get 5 $ off! Great deal.

Here is a special coupon code just for you, which you can enter when checking out. It will give you a big discount on your order. The coupon code is: ZafulChen 

I hope you will like it.

If you want to be up to date with the newest fashion trends and the cutest clothes, you should check out the Zaful Instagram page. They regularly post the newest trends and the best offers. I am already following them. How about you?

A last recommendation: Join the Z.me Community to get free stuff participating in events and winning cool gift cards to get you new, beautiful Zaful clothes :-)

Freitag, 19. Mai 2017

Cute ball point pen from Nur Besten

Last but not least I have a cute ball point pen for you. It is also from Nur Besten.

I really fell in love with this cute ball point pen, It comes with different designs, which you can't chose by yourself. It will be a surprise. I got this cute Panda pen. I have seen that there are also Bunnys and other designs. It is really cool and ideal for university. I like that it says "Sweetie" on it :-D

I recommend it!

Bye, bye blackheads tool from Nur Besten!

I want to show you a really nice tool to fight your blackheads. I got it from Nur Besten.

This blackhead remover tool has a good quality and a low price in my opinion. It is quite sharp so you have to be careful using it. Just good it comes with a gummi saver that hides the sharp part. The tool helps you to remove annoying blackheads and honestly it works great!!!
I recommend you to desinfect with alcohol after the use though. Both, your face and the tool.

Snowflake hairclips from Nur Besten

My next product are nice snowflake hairclips from Nur Besten.

The snowflake hairclips were actually really cheap. They did not even cost 1 €, The pack includes 5 pieces. At the beginning I was kind of confused because I did not know how they can hold my hair together. Then I found out that you have to press the sides with the "leafs" together. I honestly do not like how it looks and in my opinion they do not hold my hair good. I am a bit dissapointed with this product.